On Monday, the first works began for a series of road changes in the area of the Juan Santamaria international airport in Alajuela, focused on streamlining traffic.

Earth moving began on Monday for the changes to the airport intersection to be complete by April. Photo John Durán / La Nacion

The initial works consisted of the removal of earth on lands adjacent to the General Cañas, for the construction of a “loop” that will connect the Ruta 1 with Ruta 2 (Rio Segundo) and the connection to the radial Alajuela.

This new loop will have two lanes and will allow access to Ruta 3, eliminating the turn right to Heredia or left to Alajuela that is now at the traffic lights.

According to the Minister of Obras Públicas y Transportes (MOPT), German Valverde, these are first of a set of works to improve the intersection, that would be fully completed by April.

The infograph produced by La nacion details the changes to the intersection. Particular interest is in block ‘C’ that shows the changes to the current intersection.

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