Image  from Telenotcias,
Image from Telenoticias,

QCOSTARICA –  One of the most deadly (literally) points on the Ruta 27 (the San José-Caldera), is east of the Guachipelin bridge.

At this point, many make mad dashes across the busy and high speed highway. Some, however, don’t make it across alive.

The latest case is that of a 50 year old man, who was struck by one vehicle and then run over by another. The accident occurred shortly after midnight and the first driver fled the scene, according to the report by the Policia de Transito  (traffic police).

The man’s identity was not known, authorities say he was not carrying any identification. All that is know is that he is believed to be working as a security guard in the area, possibly in the Sheraton hotel located on the south side of the highway, across where he was struck.

The point is fatal for a number of reasons.

One, traffic in both directions move downhill towards the Guachipelin intersection, naturally vehicles speed up. Radar controls in the area are sporadic.

Two, there are bus stops on both sides of the highway. Passengers literally step off or step on buses from the highway and then make a mad dash to get to the other side.

Three, there is no pedestrian overpass in the area. A fence was erected in the median, but this is more to keep vehicles losing control from ending up in oncoming traffic.

An option, but few take it, is to cross the highway to the other side under the Guachipelin bridge. But hits adds minutes and some walking distance, much easier to play Russian roulette…

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