Not only as a basketball fan, of all leagues, from all countries, I am so terribly appalled by the comments and video of Donald Sterling, the owner of and commander of the Los Angles Clippers basketball team: A contender to win the whole NBA enchilada.

But not so appalled to sense reality and bigotry!

What Sterling says in his TMZ telephone call is that Afro-Americans, Blacks or those of color other than white are inferior, socially unacceptable and never worthy of his social grace at his home, parties, and least of all his seats at his basketball games.

“Yes” basketball and indeed soccer, baseball are sports born from poverty and have since been made into big time business.

Give an asphalt surface, some days of light, even just before darkness, they will come to play and play hard.

They come to shed frustrations, alleviate destitution and with little hope of making it into something professional. But albeit in this escape from poverty, but still within the chained fences and dim lights that the City calls “recreational activities,” these young people come and they do not stop until some, not many, make it to the big leagues in Europe and the United States where sport talent can translate into good food, a new home and a new life based on economics, no matter how limited this might all be in future years.

And then comes along a guy like Donald Sterling, owner of the Los Angeles Clippers. A finalist contender in basketball who, on tape, tells his current girlfriend that she should not invite blacks to his games and should not have her photo taken with (Magic) Earvin Johnson and then uploaded to Instagram.

Here is, worldwide a photo with an icon, a basketball icon, man of color worth fortunes while this guy, Sterling, remains true to his convictions KKK of racism.

I am at a loss as to why anyone’s skin color, religion or culture is unaccepted as a viable sense of economics? Especially in the NBA of which so many of the super-stars found their way out of the ghettos and poverty with their “special” abilities translated into a most singular and profitable sport. (The hoops)

“Yes,” I must accept “hate” as a form because it will never, ever be eradicated. But when those sport teams, and I focus on soccer, international national teams as well as provincial teams we should never refer to their terms as “chinos”, “blacks” nor “blancos”: They are a premio (Award) for us all.

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