No, there was nothing wrong with your television. However, if you did think so, when you noticed that one of the channels was in black and white, not to worry.

The TD Más channel 15, by Teletica specifically, was in black and white is because it is their way of supporting the Marcha de la Diversidad  (Pride March) that will take place this Sunday.

On Friday, the channel broadcast all their programs in black and white because the colors are going to be in the LGTBI march (#VamosAlPride) that will take place downtown San José starting at noon.

The colors were turned off Thursday night and will be back today, Saturday.  Interesting is that the day of no color coincided with the day of rest of the World Cup in Russia. Given that the channel is a sports channel, it is not sure how World Cup fans would have reacted.

While many supported the decision, others did not and were vocal about it, at least on the social media.

“Who was the genius of that brilliant idea?”, wrote Jaime Torres.

Diego Andrés Artavia also complained posting on TD Más Facebook: “Everyone’s ideology is respected, but I am paying for a channel to watch the World Cup, either live or replay, and now see that it is black and white …. get serious and return things for what is being paid for. ”

The television station manager, René Picado Riba, said that the initiative was a joint effort between the channel and the Jotabequ advertising agency and that they did so in order to draw attention “since the colors will be in the Pride March on Sunday and it is extremely important to continue visualizing this topic “.

As for the negative comments generated, Picado stressed that these are always going to occur and “are normal and even in some cases quite aggressive” and that is precisely why it is that you can not stop “putting these issues on the table”.

The colors were in full at the INS and ICE buildings Friday night.

The ICE building in La Sabana. From Twitter
The INS building in downtown San Jose. From Twitter

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