Article Marketing

Article marketing is one of the most reliable and advanced internet marketing techniques today. It’s a long term internet marketing strategy that requires a plan and certainly some effort.

The misconception that has been spread lately is that you have to be a professional writer in order to write. That is false and there are many examples of ordinary people writing articles according to their knowledge and personal experience.

The Q Media websites offers a select of advertisers “article marketing” to promote their products and/or services, based on the following principles: the articles must have value and they must be straight and up to the point.

We will NOT accept articles that are disguised as other kinds of content or navigation, in order to get users to click on them. Click here for an example of a disguised ad.

Article Marketing

You pay us $100 for the publication of your article to stay live on our site for 12 months, containing a link to your site.

This would:
·         Be short (300-400 words).
·         Contain a link to your site.
·         Article is tailored to fit site and audience.

For to discuss Article Marketing on the Q Media websites contact: