Black Friday Got You Down?

Black Friday Got You Down? Not to worry boys and girls, there is more shopping fun to be had.

The Black November month long discount campaign at Air Mail Costa Rica may be over, but the party is just about to begin.

Take it easy- December Deals Delight    starts on Sunday.  Now is the time to sit back and click away at the real deals that will be popping up all over the internet now that the bedlam of Black Friday is over.  Chill out, take your shoes off and count on Air Mail Costa Rica and Credomatic to bring the deals to you.  Internet Shopping has never been so easy!  

We are happy to offer internet shopping and international package service to ARCR Members.
For details, please contact Eduardo Tamayo:

Use the calculator on our website to know the exact cost of your purchase:

For more information, please visit us at our Sabana Sur location or on Face Book