Sunday, 5 July 2020


I have been bringing you news and stories on Costa Rica and Latin America and other wonderful stuff since 2001, starting from a weekly publication of a few stories that matter most to expats living in Costa Rica and those dreaming of one day doing so.

Six months later, the weekly became daily, with more stories, more information that for many was their daily news fix. If I was late in my 8:00 am publishing schedule, readers would write or call, making sure I was OK.

In 2012, with the changes in platforms, I rebranded my work under the "Q", expanding to include other countries in Central America and South America. From that simple, one site, a few stories, was not a number of sites and dozens of stories daily.

From the beginning, the work was supported through advertising, banner ads, Google Adsense, and affiliate programs, but always open and free to users. Never has there been a paywall. Still isn't.

Times have changed. Advertising has changed. And though the Q sites deliver thousands of pageviews to thousands of users every day, adding more server capacity, ad revenue dropped.

With the onset of the Coronavirus pandemic, ad revenue fell even more, up to 80% of what was only a few months ago.

Keeping with my idea from the very first day, all Q Media sites will always be accessible without cost.

But I do need your help to at least cover the costs such as website hosting and maintenance, internet connection and so on, and hopefully, a little left over to feed my morning coffee addiction.

Your donation is to help me to bring you all the stories and other stuff you are used to seeing here while continuing to be free and accessible to one and all, which last month of April alone was over 147,000 users.

Your donation of only a few of dollars a month will help the Q survive. While some are offering trinket for your donation. I can only offer you a big thank you. And the bigger the donation, the bigger the thank you.

Sincerely yours,

Enrico Cacciatore
Tel/Whatsapp: +506 8399 9642


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