The Q, a new breed of online magazine!

Using the most advanced magazine-style WordPress theme available, putting contest first, with resources like AJAX post sorting and filtering, page builders and a unique Minisite system, on a fully 100% responsive platform that looks great on your laptop, tablet and smartphone equally.

This page is to explain the features to enhance your Q experience. If you find a bug please pass it along to or use the comments section below to share your experience with everyone.

This is a ‘sticky bar’, it remains constant at the top of the page.

From the left, the logo on the left side not only tells you the name of the site, but also is your home button. Clicking on it will take to the home page.

Next to the logo is the ‘sticky menu” – the three horizontal bars – our base menu for contact and other links.

Next is the “new articles”. The number displays the number of new articles on the site. Clicking on it will open a dialogue box with the corresponding number of articles. Clicking on an article will take you there. Clicking on the number again will close the dialogue box.

Next is the mega menu navigation. Hovering it will open a dialogue box with the latest articles in the category, tag and/or minisite. The dialogue box is AJAX based, it may take a few seconds to load the latest, be patient.

Next is the search button. Clicking on it will open a box to enter your search criteria. Type in your search and hit enter on your keyboard.

Next is the register / login. In the near future we will be adding features like Woocommerce and Buddypress which require an account to access those features. For now, registering adds you to our mailing list.

The website uses a dynamic menu and page builder system. The menu will take you to the category with the relative information, while the body is in constant flow, delivering the most recent articles in various ways: a top 10 system, a trending bar and a dynamic flow of posts.

The Top 10 is by default based on the number of views. However you can filter to likes and comments for example. When we add the ratings and reviews (mainly for restaurants, movies, hotels, resorts, etc), you can filter by that also.

The Trending has the same filtering.

The LATEST ARTICLES also uses filtering. By default we have it set to most recent. Hovering to the right will reveal hidden filter buttons, where you can filter your news by likes, most viewed, comments, etc.

At the bottom we’ve added boxes for photos, a CONNECT bar to add you name to a feedburner to get new articles delivered to your email box. The Social Media bar keeps you connected outside the website.

Near the bottom we’ve added BOXES for photos and a SCROLL bar for the QMaxine feature.

In the FOOTER we’ve included a series of RSS feeds from our partner sites.

Please note we are learning how to properly use all the features, so bear with us.

We will be updating this page as changes occur. Again send us an email or use the comments section to let us know how we are doing.