Friday 23 April 2021
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Costa Rica Has Come A Long Way

Costa Rica has come a long way, commercially speaking. I remember when Multiplaza was but a twinkle in an entrepreneur’s eye. Finally, a mall! What can I say? I am from New Jersey, not France. I need all my shopping venues to be concentrated in...

3 Reasons Not to Live in Costa Rica (and 3 Reasons You Should Move There Now!)

It took a while for my husband and I to pluck up the courage to sell our house and most of our belongings then move to Costa Rica, and a continent we’d never visited before with a language we didn’t speak. So we chose to move...

Costa Ricans Are Very Polite

(By Galya Gerstman) Costa Ricans are very polite. Very, very polite. We from the USA think we’re polite. The English think they’re polite. (The French and the Israelis don’t have any illusions that they are polite. Or at least they shouldn’t). But Costa Ricans...

3 Ways to Get a Second Passport and 2 Countries to Get It From Quickly

A Second Passport is not just for the "James Bond" or "Jason Bourne" or the super wealthy of this world. The truth? Millions of people can obtain multiple citizenships and a second passport, even a third. You don't need to be a spy or...

Costa Rica Second in Expat Destinations in 2017

Costa Rica was chosen as the second best country to live abroad, according to a survey conducted by expat resource website InterNations. InterNations reports surveying more than 12,500 expat members from 166 different nationalities to get their take on their adopted countries, who evaluated more than...

Zen Dog Duke Chronicles: Nothing Happens For A Reason

I left the house this morning with Zen Dog Duke just after dawn. The private school buses were making their rounds in our neighborhood, collecting young students in shorts with sox that match their school colors, some with sweaters and ball caps and backpacks. It...

Costa Rica Wildlife Photography

Wildlife photography used to be a hobby limited to people with the deep pockets to afford the equipment—cameras, lenses, tripods, etc. You also needed a strong back, or porters, to lug around the heavy gear. Technology has reduced both the cost and the weight....

Sin Semillas: A Zen Dog Guide To Living Well In Costa Rica

Quality of life is what we say we want. A successful life we may think is one with no seeds or pits. Nothing to spit out. A Perfect luscious mouthful of joie de vivre with every bite, each and every time you dig in....


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