It will cost the Cuerpo de Bomberos (Fire Department) more than ¢1 million colones to repair the two units that were stoned Saturday night while putting out the fire of the burning of two effigies during the “quema de Judas” – burning of Judas.

Foto: Melissa Fernández

Héctor Chaves, director of the Bomberos, said that they attend these incidents in the company of police because it is not the first time that the vandals have stoned the units.

But, on Saturday night, they had 16 calls, five of them in Parrita, three in Alajuela, seven in Heredia and one in San Jose. During one of the calls, the crowd started stoning the fire trucks when the firemen tried to put out the flames.

According to  Chaves, people try to disguise such vandalism as a religious theme.

“We always have to respond, because many times they hang them (effigies) in the power lines and that produces damages and short circuits that can lead to the burning of a house, so we always have to respond,” he said.

Source (in Spanish): La Nacion

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