What is The Q? (About Us)

The Q is not like any other website. It is edgy. It is informative. It is different. The Q is a way of things.

Q’s mission is simple: organize information and make it accessible and useful with focus on the end user, providing the best web experience possible, taking great care to ensure to be informative and useful.

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Time is valuable, so when you are seeking information you want it right away. The Q is designed to give you the information fast and wherever you are, as such the Q is built with responsive features, adapting to devices, be it a desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone.

The Q colors are vivid. The sections are well marked off, making it easy to access the information you are looking for or just browse away. More important, the Q is fluid, that is it keeps changing, evolving, adapting.

The Q philosophy is that being the best and the greatest just isn’t good enough. We start out being the best and the greatest, not as a goal to achieve. We set goals for ourselves that are challenging and often seem impossible to achieve, but through perseverance and hard work, we manage to so and improve in unexpected ways.

The Q is about sharing. Q content is available for sharing on other websites and we include links to external websites that are useful to our users, even if it means sending you off packing somewhere else. In today’s age, the sharing of information and co-operation among websites is not only important and vital for survival but also good business. Q is not the only site out there. In addition, ALL Q content can be copied and pasted. All we ask is to give a link back. Simple.

The Q core – QNews and QFeatured – is updated regularly as information is available. There is always more information out there and our goal is to bring you relevant information on a variety of topics, organized in Q sections and headers for easy and fast access.

We never forget that Q is a business. Revenue is generated from advertising displayed on our sites, delivering ads that are relevant to each individual site and content. Q won’t sell out its principles of good business practices for a few bucks, taking on advertisers that are not suited to the audience or including material simply to get better ratings.  We believe that advertising can be effective without being flashy. We don’t use pop-ups, shady practices to get you to sign up for a product or service or scripts designed to capture your user information to bring you unwanted and undesired advertising. Advertising is strategically located throughout the site, but never overtake content. Advertisers are selected on the type of service and/or product that can be useful to Q readers and not just because they can pay.

“Looking to be different” is not only a tagline for us, but a way of life. We work hard on not being the same as everybody else. Our constant dissatisfaction with doing our thing because it is the way it has always been done is the driving force behind the Q.

QCostarica.com is “credible and independent since 2012”. The website went live in May 2012 and we have stopped since. Innovating, informative, entertaining, and owning to one person, group, or political view.

Enrico Cacciatore
Publisher of QCostarica.com
Email: rico@theqmedia.com


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