The Costa Rica Ministry of Foreign Affairs recommends that Costa Ricans avoid traveling to Nicaragua, while in that country the clashes continue between police, government supporters and demonstrators.

The entity issued a statement on Saturday afternoon, before the situation of violence in Nicaragua, with advice for those who had planned to travel to that nation these days. The suggestion is to abstain from traveling for the moment.

However, the Foreign Ministry issued the warning with recommendations for people who can not postpone the trip or are already in Nicaragua:

  • Inform trusted people about the trip and keep informed at all times.
  • Let the government know of the dates of your trip and your trusted contacts in case of emergency, both in Nicaragua and Costa Rica. The information can be sent to:, and
  • Have handy your travel documents and the number of Costa Rica consulate in Managua and Chinandega.
  • Be attentive to the information published by Nicaragua media, as well as the instructions by the Costa Rica consulate in Managua or Chinandega.
  • If you need assistance, the contact the Consular Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Costa Rica Embassy in Managua.

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