Ash being spewed from Turrialba volcano

QCOSTARICA – Once again, access to the Turrialba volcano has been closed off  due to the start of a new cycle of eruptions.  A five kilometre (3.1 mile) perimeter around the colossus has been established, the Comisión Nacional de Emergencias (CNE) – national emergency commission – said Sunday.

“Due to the constant activity at the Turrialba volcano and the arrival of tourists and the curious, authorities,” have decided to restrict access, said the CNE statement.

The Red Sismológica Nacional(RSN) – National Seismology Network – registered at least six eruptions on Sunday morning that released gas and ash into the atmosphere.

Mauricio Mora, volcanologist at the RSN, said the level of seismic activity remains high, after prolonged emission of ash on Saturday.  Mora added that RSN instruments recorded sustained tremors of low amplitude.

“After a few weeks of relative calm and with several releases of ash and small, isolated explosions at the start of this year, the Turrialba volcano started a new cycle of eruptions,” Mora said.

Area residents are being asked to remain outside the restricted area around the volcano, which is located within the Turrialba national park, located some 70 kilometres (40 miles) east of San Jose. The colossus is 3,340 metres (10,950 feet) tall.

Turrialba has entered its most active eruption phase since October 2014. On March 2015, the ash spewed from the volcano reached the greater metropolitan area of San Jose, forcing the temporary closure of the international airport on three separate occasions.

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