Former Miss Costa Rica denounces sexist and obscene messages

Karina Ramos spoke out against disrespectful and offensive comments for posing in lingerie and swimsuits on her social media accounts

Q MAGAZINE – Karina Ramos, mode, former Miss Costa Rica, businesswoman and host of the television program, Telehit Musica, denounced this week in her social networks numerous sexist and obscene messages that several men have sent her.

From Instagram

On Twitter and Instagram, Ramos regretted that the simple act of posting photos or videos in lingerie or swimsuits unleash disrespectful and offensive comments.

Some of the comments she received: “if women are libertines, do not expect respect” to “a woman with decorum and dignity do not upload such photos of herself” and “there is no way that it is their right”.

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The former Miss Costa Rica 2014 shot back with the following message on her Instagram account this Thursday:

“I have the right to upload all the photos I want, in the clothes I want, without receiving obscene and vulgar comments. I have the right to feel sensual without questioning my intelligence.

“I have the right to show how much I want of my body without being disrespected or “misinterpreted” my intentions.

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“I have the right to wear a bikini, skirts and neckline and that they understand that I do it for me and not for them to see me.

“No, women must not protect ourselves more or cover ourselves more, women must BE RESPECTED. We deserve to live surrounded by GENTLEMEN, because I dare say that no man walks down the street with fear that a woman will overwhelm him, harass him or disrespect him.


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