Horror a la tica! Thriller film ‘Paroniria’ hits theaters on September 16

The Costa Rican film is directed by brothers Javier and Christian Sosa and tells the story of Keila, a young woman who suffers from constant nightmares with a creepy creature that appears to her in her dreams

QCOSTARICA – Is there something worse than having a nightmare and suffering them almost daily? ‘Paroniria’ is a term used in psychiatry to refer to the recurrent suffering of disturbing dreams that may be associated with a mental illness.

For Keila, forgiveness is not an option. Her fragility disappears as her hate takes on a very dark form. Available in theaters in Costa Rica this September 16.

Paroniria is also the name of a Costa Rican suspense film that will premiere on Thursday, September 16 in the main cinemas of the country.

It is a production of Costa Rica Films, a company dedicated to audiovisual production for 15 years, but for the first time making a film. The film is directed by Javier and Christian Sosa, based on a script written by Javier Sosa, David Hixon and Kendra Cruz.

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The story revolves around Keila, a young woman trying to overcome past trauma, however, her stepfather’s visits generate something inside her that no one can understand, says the film’s synopsis.

“She is a young woman who says that she was abused by her stepfather, but he keeps coming to her house and she always gets upset every time she sees him and causes problems for her. Her mother believes this man that she claims that he did nothing and Keila becomes unstable because no one understands her,” explained Javier Sosa, one of the filmmakers.

Wendy Cavallini is the star of the national thriller ‘Paroniria’. She plays Keila, a young woman who lives haunted by the past and does not know if what she experiences is real or a nightmare.

“We want to give the public a story that people can identify with, so we choose a heavy and current topic, which is street harassment and abuse against women,” Javier explained.

The film stars Wendy Cavallini in her first foray into cinema and who plays the role of Keila, a young woman for whom forgiveness is not an option and who will show what happens “when fragility approaches hatred” and of a very dark way, advances the Facebook site of the national film.

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Keila seems to lose her sanity due to the constant visions that appear to her to the point that she no longer knows what is real or what is part of her dreams, what she is sure of is that she is not willing to “put up with anything for anyone” says one of the promo photos.

Are you ready for the premiere of Paroniria?

“The appeal of this film is that it is the first national film with a monstrous computer-made protagonist who interacts with the other characters at some point. The original character was too complex on a technical level and there wasn’t a team that could develop it, so we had to vary the story and adapt it to a more technically manageable creature,” added Javier.

The film obtained a rating for over 15 years of age, so the director clarified that although on a graphic level it appears to be a dark and grotesque film, it is not actually that sinister. “It is not that it looks unpleasant, it is rather a very rich suspense,” he said.

“We are already in pre-sale at Cinépolis and Cinemark (theaters) and for sure at San Pedro Cinemas, so you can find us at any mall. We will also be at Nova,” said Javier.

The director assured that they hope to surprise the public.

“We want the film to leave a mark because it is absolutely unlike anything we have seen before, I do not want to say that we are better, because it is not a competition, but the national cinema has come with a formula of great personal motivation and What we are looking for is to change that chip and show the Costa Rican public that other stories can be told and that not every story has to have a happy ending,” assured Javier.

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“It is not the typical national film in which in the end we all hug each other and live in the happiest country in the world. We wanted to change all the molds that had been dragging along and I think that, if people give it a chance, they will be surprised,” concluded the director.

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