Mimi Ortiz gets fed up and clarifies that she is not a ‘prepago’

The model knows that her photo appears in escort websites, but that is a scam

Q MAGAZINE – Costa Rican model and influencer, Libni “Mimi” Ortiz says she is fed up with some people believing that she is a “prepago” or escort and decided to clarify the issue in her Instagram stories.

Mimi Ortiz. Facebook/Instagram

The model, for example, said that she received a message from a man in which he asked her if it is true that he charges US$4,000 dollars per night because he was interested in having sex with her.

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The beautiful woman assures that it is not the first time that she receives messages like this and she learned long ago that her image is being used to scam those who are used to paying for sex.

Mimi said that once, while in a bar, a young man complained to her, claiming that he had paid an agency to have (sexual relations with her, but that another woman showed up because they told him that she, Mimi, had become ill.

From Facebook

That’s when she discovered that her image is being used for this type of sexual business.

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“Me in a catalog? Never! Oh my God! Never in my life have I dedicated myself to offering companionship services, sexual services, or anything like that. I’m not one of those kinds of jobs. I think you have to earn money in another way. The fact that I upload photos in a bathing suit, that I am a model, that I love having my social networks as I do, does not mean that I am a prostitute, that I change my job, my hours, for sex and money.

“What’s wrong with them? I don’t know what happens to them. So, please, I know that there are pages, websites and I don’t know what else crap where sexual services are offered, if I go out I already know that they are going to scam them because I will never, ever, arrive, take the test,” she assured.

The model said that even in need would not think about dedicating herself to that and that she does have model friends who do it, but that does not mean that she is the same.

“I know the value that I have as a woman and it is not economic,” she added.

In addition, she said that what she normally does is ignore these types of messages, but that this time she preferred to clarify the situation to see if they stop offering her money.

See more of “Mimi” at Costa Rica CONFIDENCIAL…

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