Natalia Carvajal is recovering from her bike accident and prepares a project focused on music

Natalia said that she never had a bicycle or learned to ride one as a little girl

Miss Costa Rica 2018, Natalia Carvajal, is learning to ride a bicycle, but she already got her first big scare.

The beauty scraped the ground on Tuesday and suffered a cut that sent her to hospital. But the accident isn’t going to stop her from getting on the bike again.

Natalia Carvajal. Photo from Instagram

The former Miss said she wanted to make something of her biking, “I was super excited and right now I can’t do anything for at least a few days” but says she is fine, “they already sewed me” (got stitches) of her somewhat deep cuts, so she had to be more careful.

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“It was a big scare because I’m literally learning, but I think it was overconfidence,” said Natalia.

She explained that everything was going well, almost at the end of her ride, on a flat area, going a little too fast, feeling confident, didn’t see the tree stump.

The bike handle dug into her groin. “There was nothing I could do, luckily the clinic was close by,” said the former Miss and TV host.

The accident occurred in Guanacaste, in the area of Pinilla, near Tamarindo.

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Natalia said that she never had a bicycle or learned to ride one as a little girl, then as she grew up never found the time, so she is learning from zero.

She decided to take up cycling now that she has more free time and can enjoy her time in Guanacaste, where there are few cars on the roads.

Natalia has more than 539,000 followers on Instagram

“I laugh because I said to my friend: ‘I have it mastered’ and five minutes later I was on the ground,” said Natalia.

See more of Natalia at Costa Rica Confidential.

As soon as she’s healed she’ll be back in the seat again, “Because I feel that if you do not do it quickly, after you get the scare, you can get a little phobic. I don’t know when it will be,” said the former Miss Costa Rica.

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