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San Jose Airport (SJO)

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Februaey 28, 2017
Costa Rica no longer has an airport tax – also known as a departure tax or exit tax –  paid directly by passengers upon leaving the country. The tax is no included in the airfare.

Since December 2014 a change to no direct tax to the passenger began to be implemented. Although most airlines serving the international airports do include the tax in the airfare,  there may still be an airline that does not include the tax in the airfare. If such is your case, there is a counter to the right of Entrance A, to pay the tax.

Departure Tips

It is advised to wear clothes and shoes that can be easily removed. You will be asked to take off your shoes at the security checkpoint, where you must also remove any metal objects, including belt buckles, coins, and keys.

Prior to the inspection of your bags and person, a Fuerza Publica (Police) officials will review your travel documents to ensure they are in order. Only passengers with boarding passes can move past this point.

Passengers with minor children have a special line, as for passengers with special needs, ie a wheelchair.

If you carry a laptop computer, it must be removed from its case/bag and sent it through the x-ray. You may find a specialty bag/case, for easy removal and retrieval, convenient.

On arrival at the terminal (upper level for departures) sky caps are available to assist with your luggage, you can also request for a wheelchair.

Prior to reaching your airline counter, you will be required to fill out a travel departure form. This form is used by immigration officials, working in the background, to check for any travel restrictions – ie ‘impedimento de salida’ (prohibited from leaving the country due to a criminal or judicial proceeding, that can including child support).

For international flights, airlines suggest arriving at the airport 3 hours prior to your flight. However,  in most cases 90 minutes to 2 hours is sufficient. But not less than 60 minutes or you will not be allowed to board.


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