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Argentina’s abortion legalization debate ignites soul searching on women’s rights

As an Argentinean scholar of gender in politics, I’m normally called to provide commentary on some fairly depressing statistics. For example, there are just two women who head Argentina’s 20 federal government ministries. And last year, Argentinean women earned nearly 25 percent less than men...

Chile: the long road to abortion reform

Chile had one of the most restrictive abortion policies in the entire world. After years of campaigning, Chile’s president, Michelle Bachelet, has finally pushed through a bill that will allow the termination of a pregnancy in three cases – when the woman’s life is...

Incest Case Attests That, in Costa Rica, Abortion Is Legal In Name Only

Q COSTA RICA (by Larissa Arroyo Navarrete, University of Costa Rica) In Costa Rica, women have had the right to abortion since 1970. Well, more or less. The concept of the “unpunished abortion”, established in article 121 of the penal code, permits the termination...