Thursday, 29 October 2020
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Venezuelan FM Blasts US For ‘Desperate’ Charges Against Maduro

The US Government on Thursday filed charges for “narco terrorism” (drug terrorism) against Venezuelan president, Nicolás Maduro, and offered US$15 million for any information leading to his capture. “I have a message for senior chavismo officials: the party is ending,” Ariana Fajardo Orshan, Attorney General...

Drug Trafficking and Money Laundering Fuel Venezuela’s Dollarization

Much of the dollars now circulating in Venezuela allegedly come from money laundering and drug trafficking. ndrea Rondon: “When the state is the trafficker, the dollar injections are much wider because it doesn’t have the natural obstacles” (Andina) A study carried out by Ecoanalítica and published...

Hybrid War Against Latin American Democracies Threatens Region

The continent has never faced such a brutal, systematic attack as the current one on the institutions of democratic countries. What is happening, far from being simple acts of rebellion of political factions, is a war in every way. The gentlemen representing the left in...

The Danger of Replacing Chavismo with Chavismo Light

The fascism of the good, and the tyranny of just causes: we face this daily in Venezuela, because not only do we have to deal with a government that in its collectivist zeal destroyed the economy of an entire country, but in addition to...

Why I’m still a Chavista (and how I think the political crisis will end)

Angela Villarreal is 24 years old and comes from a professional middle-class family from a satellite city in Caracas. It is not easy for her to be a Chavista now in Venezuela. Photo Fabiola Ferrero However, Angela Villarreal, 24, remains firm in her ideas despite the economic...

Bolivarian Project: How to Reactivate Chavismo

People in difficult circumstances often develop a culture of making the best of a bad situation. Their jokes are often revealing. A common form of humor on the streets of Venezuela today consists in talking about “the time when we were rich and didn’t...

Oscar Arias: “To Kill A Person Is Homicide, To Kill All In A Town Of Hunger Is Called Chavismo”

Q COSTA RICA - Costa Rica's Former President and Nobel Peace Prize Winner Oscar Arias had strong words for Venezuela President Nicolas Maduro and his administration. “To kill a person is homicide, to kill en entire town from hunger is called chavismo,” he said. In an...


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