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Despite warning of crocodiles, bathers dive in!

What's wrong with this picture? The sign says it clearly: "Crocodiles. No swimming. No feeding". However, some vacationers ignore the warning. Either they do not read, can not read. they do not understand ... of just plain ..." The photo was taken this past Friday...

Full Time and Temporary Jobs Up For Grabs

Looking for work or a better job or career? Ekono is holding four job fairs that started Thursday (October 19) in Puntarenas, looking to fill 200 jobs for the holiday shopping season. Today (Friday), the job fair is at the Zapote store; on Saturday 21...

Something Is Changing The Sex of Crocodiles In Costa Rica

If you want to know whether a crocodile is a male or a female, you have to catch it. Don't bring your good shoes. "It's a muddy, wet mess," says Chris Murray, who spent three dry seasons in and near Palo Verde National Park...

Counting Crocs in Costa Rica

Q COSTA RICA (Anne Kallas, Twenty students from CSU Channel Islands are in the middle of a 10-day trip to Costa Rica, where they're using a drone to count crocodiles and map the creatures' exact locations. It's part of a larger project aimed at...

Costa Rica: Crocodiles Of The Tarcoles River Threaten Blockades

“Elvis”, the leader of the crocodile movement in Tarcoles, Costa Rica.This is a satire news piece. TORRES REPORT (SATIRE NEWS)  – In the small Central America island country of Costa Rica, at the Tarcoles River bridge, tourists who daily flock to watch the Costa Rican...

Crocodile Sighting Delays Essential Costa Rica Open Pro (QS 3,000)

(QCOSTARICA) The Essential Costa Rica Open Pro (QS 3,000) round of the World Surfing League (WSL) had to be put on hold on Wednesday, making it in the history books because of an unexpected visit by a crocodile during the second round of the...

One Of The Strangest Jobs In The World Can Be Found In Costa Rica

One of the riskiest and strangest jobs in the world has to be in Costa Rica. Imagine yourself getting up in the morning, to head out to go capture crocodiles. Yes, crocodiles. Though it may seem crazy, someone has to do it. And that job...

Costa Rica’s ‘Croc Bridge’ Does Not Disappoint (Video)

The 'Crocodile Bridge', the bridge over the Tarcoles River on the way to and from Jaco and the Central Pacific coast, is a top spot for new and long time visitors and nationals. It's a unique and very special place where hoardes of crocodiles...

Watch A Crocodile Devour A Cow in Costa Rica (Video)

  QCOSTARICA - In the Tarcoles river anything can happen. In the latest case, a cow wasn't so lucky. Tired, it slipped and fell. The crocodiles didn't miss a beat. This was near the 'crocodile bridge", the bridge over the Tarcoles river on the way to...


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