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Costa Rica’s Agroexports Keep Slight Advantage Over Medical Devices

QCR BUSINESS - The value of exports from the agricultural sector remains slightly as the main generator of foreign exchange in the country, despite strong growth in the last four years in the value of sales of precision and medical equipment. In the first half...

How to Save Money Abroad: Thinking Like An Economist

A record number of tourists and business travelers visited another country in 2016, and this year is already on pace to exceed that tally. One thing you definitely need when traveling abroad besides a passport is local currency, such as euros in Europe, yen in...

Dollar Exchange Rate Keeps Climbing, It Has Already Reached ¢595

Q COSTA RICA - The Colon exchange rate against the U.S. dollar continues its upward trend, given the strong appetite that the market shows for the acquisition of the foreign currency. The average exchange rate recorded a change of ¢4.56 more for every dollar in...

Central Bank Defends The Colon

(QCOSTARICA) In September the Central Bank (Banco Central de Costa Rica - BCCR) made an intervention in the exchange market through the sale of US$81 million in order to avoid upward pressure on the exchange rate. The US$81 million that the Central Bank sold on...

Slow Depreciation of Costa Rica Colon Continues

(QCOSTARICA) The dollar exchange rate in the wholesale Mercado de Monedas Extranjeras (MONEX) market has gone from ¢535.9 per one U.S. dollar in mid-March to ¢553.9 in the first week of September this year. Despite interventions by the Central Bank (Banco Central de Costa Rica...

Economists: “Dollar Exchange Rate Should Close The Year at 565 Colones”

(QCOSTARICA) The variation in the (U.S.) dollar exchange rate is one of the instruments that Costa Ricans, especially entrepreneurs use to make their projections. Foreigners living in Costa Rica keep a close eye on the dollar exchange rate also. Economists at Acobo Financial Group are...

Costa Rica Sets Record 1st Quarter Earning From Tourism

Visitors to Costa Rica, in the first three months of the year, left behind US$1.242 billion dollars, the highest amount recorded by the Banco Central (Central Bank). This quarterly amount is similar to what Costa Rica received in tourism in the entire year in...


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