Wednesday, 28 October 2020
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At least 18 killed, 16 injured in Honduras prison after gang fight

At least 18 people were killed and 16 injured after a brawl between rival gangs inside a prison in Honduras, authorities said late on Friday. The riot, once of the worst outbreaks of prison violence in the country, came just two days after the government...

Pavas Fire Station Has Become A Drop-off Point For Shooting Victims

Typically fire stations are to house firefighters and their equipment. But the station in Pavas, San Jose, mainly has become a drop-off point for those injured in acts of violence, mainly from turf wars between rival gangs. Rather than firefighters rushing to an emergency, cars...

Gangs: the real ‘humanitarian crisis’ driving Central American children to the US

The spectacular arrival of thousands of unaccompanied Central American children at the southern frontier of the US over the last three years has provoked a frenzied response. President Obama calls the situation a “humanitarian crisis” on the US’s borders. News interviews with these vulnerable...

Amid escalating violence, El Salvador’s young people are struggling to build a future

In a quiet side street of one of San Salvador’s infamous northern districts, lies a small community centre. All day, it is filled with small groups of children playing, paying little attention to how precarious their surroundings are. Severe violence is an established reality in...

Can Hip Hop Help Stop Gang Violence in Latin America?

(Q24N) - Hip hop culture has long been associated with gangs, violence and vandalism. But a wide range of actors in Latin America are attempting to work past longstanding biases and challenges to experiment with these art forms as alternatives for at-risk youths...

Fracking, mining, murder: the killer agenda driving migration in Mexico and Central America

(Q24N) On January 19, Mexican indigenous activist Isidro Baldenegro López, who in 2005 won the Goldman Environmental Prize for his efforts to protect ancestral old-growth forests from logging, was gunned down in Chihuahua State. His murder follows that of fellow Goldman recipient Berta Cáceres,...

Gang violence blamed for refugee crisis in Central America

Q24N (Reuters) - Gang violence in parts of Central America has created a refugee crisis reminiscent of the 1980s when wars forced large numbers from their home countries, the United Nations refugee agency said on Tuesday. Tens of thousands of refugees from El Salvador, Honduras...

A Bloody Weekend: Four Dead and Four Wounded

QCOSTARICA - The second Sunday of the year left four dead and four wounded in separate incidents, in Goicoechea, San Rafael de Heredia, San José and Guácimo. The most bloody was in Ipis de Goicoechea (a highly conflictive area on the east side of San...


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