Tuesday 7 April 2020

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Driver that killed 4 cyclists in Curridabat is free with electronic monitoring

Remember Daniel Alberto Mora Monge?  He was the driver behind the wheel of a Mustang to who on the week hours of January 29, 2017, in Curridabat, ran over and killed four cyclists. On February 26 last, Mora was sentenced to seven years in prison...

Man sentenced for killing police officer will not spend a single day in prison

The family of a police officer killed when defending himself from a robbery in his house,  on September 19, 2017, in Cocorí de Agua Caliente de Cartago, expressed their disappointment that the only convicted of that crime will not spend a single day in...

Ankle Bracelets A La Costa Rican

At 18 years of age, due to his drug addiction, on conviction, a judge ordered electronic monitoring and house arrest in lieu of prison. Due to his socioeconomic situation, the young man did not have a place to stay or means to get a...