Sunday 11 April 2021
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What is the difference between “robo” and “hurto”?

Both "Robo" (robbery) and "Hurto" (burglary) imply the fact of seizing someone else's property. Most people associate both terms with theft. But as it turns out, there is a legal difference, in that in a robbery there is violence, threat or force to achieve...

Insurance in Central America: Optimism at the End of 2019

Except for Nicaragua, which projects a decline in revenues, Fitch Ratings estimates that by year-end the region's insurance markets will have grown from 3% to 8%. According to the report Perspectives of Insurance Industry in Central America, prepared by the rating agency Fitch Ratings, El...

It’s Marchamo Time!

The mandatory Marchamo - annual vehicular circulation permit - for 2020 for the 1,560,343 registered vehicles in the country is now available for purchase. And keeping with tradition, the cost is higher over last year. The Superintendencia General de Seguros (Sugese) - General Superintendence of Insurance...

Every 12 Minutes The Caja Attends To A Traffic Related Injury

Recklessness is the foremost cause of traffic accidents in the country, with numbers rising in recent years. On average, every 12 minutes, state medical centers receive someone injured in a traffic accident. The Caja Costarrisence de Seguro Social (CCSS), in 2017, attended to 43,987 patients with...

INS To Invest US$12 Million In Vehicle Evaluation Centers

The state insurer, the Instituto Nacional de Seguros (INS) says it plans to invest just over US$12 million in the construction of nine workshops in different areas of the country to review and evaluate insured vehicle for repairs. The cost of the nine workshops, called...

Costa Rica, A Country of Luxuries That Are Necessities

The consumption habits have changed and the dynamics of the country has led to the fact goods and services that in other parts of the world, region or in past decades of the country were considered luxuries, are now a necessity. Private education, health, insurance,...

Having An Accident Without Marchamo Can Cost Millions

The theory is that every vehicle circulating our streets is covered by insurance, if only the minimum, the Seguro Obligatorio de Automóviles (Compulsory Insurance) that is part of the circulation permit or Marchamo paid yearly. Realted: Traffic Police Attends 10 Accidents Per Hour According to Article...


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