Tuesday 26 January 2021
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Coffee farmers struggle to adapt to Colombia’s changing climate

In Colombia’s coffee-producing region of Risaralda, small trees run along the sharp incline of the Andes Mountains, carefully tended in tidy rows. Thousands of green coffee berries turn brilliant red as they ripen, ready to be harvested by hand. The steep hills here prevent...

Only Women and Children Live in This War-Torn Villa

Carrying a machete and food basket, an Emberá Katío woman levels a penetrating gaze at the photographer. The villagers of La Puria follow traditional subsistence, hunting game and practicing small-scale horticulture. Photograph by Iván Valencia In Colombia’s mountainous northwest, three hours’ walk from the closest...

86% of the Most Dangerous Cities Are In Latin America

For the past fifteen years, global headlines have depicted, through harrowing imagery, the effects of war on cities across the Middle East. An inevitable fracturing of law and order leads to an explosion of crime which we imagine could not be tolerated in a region...

Living With Death: Secrets of the Forensic Examiners in Costa Rica

COSTA RICA JOURNAL - "It's tough, it behooves us to work with the results of domestic violence: abused children, battered women, femicide and traffic accidents which after all is violence (...) the results of drug trafficking or suicides (...) It's shocking, definitely; we remain...


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