Saturday, 8 August 2020
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It’s September and Teachers Are Back On Strike. Again.

Public school teachers vow to extend their new strike past the September 12 deadline. If you will recall, last September the national strike led by teachsers lastes some three months.

President of Teachers Union: “A Child Is Not Going To Die For Not Receiving Education

The president of the Asociación Nacional de Educadores (ANDE) - National Association of Educators - Gilberto Cascante, told the Comisión de Asuntos Sociales - Legislative Commission on Social Affairs - that his union organization is adamantly opposed to education being declared an essential service. He...

7 out of 10 MEP employees still on strike

Nearly seven out of ten employees of the Ministry of Public Education (MEP) - the majority teachers - have yet to return to work Among the MEP employees on strike since September 10 are teachers, janitors, cooks, and administrative staff, among others, The MEP reports the...

Nicaragua’s Ortega Accuses Costa Rica of ???

The government of Nicaragua's Daniel Ortega, last week, before an international stage, on Friday, accused the Costa Rican government of “many dead” during the ongoing strike by public sector workers against the Plan Fiscal (tax reform) and incurring “massive human rights violations” during the...

Tico Humor: Costa Rica’s Middle Class!

The president of the highest court in the land, Fernando Cruz, with a take home salary of ¢6.3 million monthly claims he is "middle class". In an interview with La Nacion on Tuesday (October 23), he said, 'If they take away my salary, I will...

Tico Humor: Teachers On Strike

The Ministry of Education (MEP) is looking to sanction striking teachers who used the time to vacationing abroad instead of being on the "picket line". From