Friday, 27 November 2020
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Trade Unions Suffer An Abrupt Cut In Power

In less than a week, Costa Rica's trade unions (sindicatos in Spanish) suffered an abrupt cut in power with the approval in first debate on Tuesday of the bill to curtail strikes. However, they threaten further protests to try to defend their right to strike...

Unions are opposed to being notified by email

Bill 21.049 being currently discussed by the Comisión especial de huelgas -Special Legislative Commission on Strikes - proposes among other things, that unions must establish in their statutes, an email for notifications. The initiative requires unions to register and update their email address for notifications,...

Vargas Activates His “Pension Chute”

In the caricature by, we see Albino Vargas, the leader of one of the most powerful public sector unions, the Asociación Nacional de Empleados Públicos (ANEP), heading for retirement now that the end of the strike is around the corner Vargas was pretty peeved when...

Strike Will Take On Avenida Segunda Today

Today, Saturday, the strike movement will take on the center of San José. According to the National Association of Public Employees (ANEP), the call is to meet at La Merced Park at 9:00 am and march peacefully towards the Plaza de las Garantías Sociales,...

Off Duty Police Called To Strike

Off-duty police have been called to strike by their union, the section of Fuerza Publica in the in the National Association of Public Employees (ANEP). Mainor Anchía, union leader, explained there is a 'double discourse' on the part of President Carlos Alvarado, who blamed the...

Carlos Alvarado, The Lion Tamer!

The government of Carlos Alvarado will be calling this Friday on the sindicatos (unions) to call off the indefinite "paro nacional" (national strike) set to start on Monday, September 10 over the "plan fiscal" (tax reform).

Carlos Alvarado: Government ‘will not be embarrassed’ to adopt some tax proposals of the unions

President Carlos Alvarado assured that the Executive Branch "will not be embarrassed" in adopting those points that coincide with the tax proposal that the unions presented last Monday. In Puntarenas, where he toured on Wednesday, Alvarado defended his vice president, Marvin Rodriguez, who on Tuesday...

How Latin America bucked the trend of rising inequality

Income inequality is gaining attention. The good news is that we know how to tackle it: tax global wealth, provide a universal basic income, broaden access to quality education and promote decent work. The bad news is that many governments are not interested – and neither...


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