Tuesday, 4 August 2020
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Costa Rica Usury Rate Defined

Legislators of the Legislative Committee on Tax Matters negotiated to establish a ceiling of a 55% interest rate on loans of less than ¢675,000 colones, and 39.4% for loan amounts over. Those rates are based on a technical calculation that is currently still part of...

Interest Rates Caps and Debtor Exclusion

In Costa Rica, a bill under discussion seeks caps on interest rates on loans, a measure that could lead to a reduction in credit for higher-risk borrowers. As part of the discussion in the Legislative Assembly, the heads of the Central Bank of Costa Rica...

Buying Groceries On Installments In Costa Rica

Buying basic foods such as rice, beans, tuna, cooking oil, coffee and more on installment payments is now possible in Costa Rica, although it is a risky terrain for consumers who decide on this option. A series of advertisements published by the Gollo store chain,...