Sunday 9 May 2021
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Maduro Makes Venezuela’s Dictatorship Official

Venezuela’s President Nicolas Maduro Venezuelan strongman Nicolás Maduro formally began the process to install himself as Venezuela’s dictator today. It began at 6:00am, when Maduro and his wife cast their vote in a constituent election which he summoned despite its illegality and despite widespread condemnation...

Maduro Bans Public Demonstrations Ahead of Constituent Election

Officials threatened those who “organize, support or instigate the carrying out of activities aimed at disrupting the organization and functioning of the electoral service or the social life of the country will be punished with imprisonment of five to 10 years.” (Néstor Luis Reverol) TODAY...

Meet Venezuela’s “Resistance:” An Army of Heroes Willing to Sacrifice their Lives for Democracy

Like a game of chess, each person plays a role: the first line of protection consists of shields. (PanAm Post) Venezuela’s opposition has a new army fighting on its side. Thousands of young demonstrators, calling themselves “The Resistance” have been on the streets fighting for...

Venezuelan Dictatorship Arrests Thousands after 7 Weeks of Protests

Opposition leader, Henrique Capriles Radonski, who serves as Governor of the state of Miranda The death toll and causality count have been mounting at an alarming speed in Venezuela, as protests continue past the 50-day mark, and dictator Nicolás Maduro intensifies attempts to repress public...

Elderly Venezuelans Take to the Streets to Demand a Better Future for their Grandchildren

TODAY VENEZUELA – On Friday, May 12th, hundreds of elderly protesters joined the “democratic resistance” and marched towards the Ombudsman’s Office in rejection of the National Constituent Assembly summoned by dictator Nicolas Maduro. The mobilization known as the “grandparents march” is part of a series...

2,700 GM Venezuelan Employees Fired by Text Message after Government Takeover

TODAY VENEZUELA – Workers at General Motors’ Venezuela plant claim they were fired over text GM sent a mass text message to inform its employees they had been fired. (Twitter) message. “GM informs you that social benefits will be transferred to employees’ accounts due to the termination of...


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