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Natalia Carvajal on Karina Ramos: “We Couldn’t Be More Different”

They couldn't be more different, like water and oil, but that does not stop the former beauty queens Natalia Carvajal and Karina Ramos from being great friends. With a broad message through Instagram, Carvajal dedicated a few words of support for Ramos, whom she considers...

Why You Should Visit Hoi An In Vietnam

While Costa Rica is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the Americas, Vietnam is one of the most exciting places to visit, especially for those living in the West. The country is an introduction into a part of the world you may have...

Catch an Early Wave! Buy a Home in One of the World’s Best Affordable Beach Towns

Somewhere between whipping up batches of fresh (and medicinal) mint mojitos in your cramped city apartment after work and getting sunburned on exotic beaches during your two measly weeks of vacation a year, a lightbulb switches on. Why not live the tropical life all...

How the coffee industry is about to get roasted by climate change

Fall is always a good time to create new habits, and coffee chains know it. These days, they are desperately trying to find any excuse to get you to drink their java. Many chains used National or International Coffee Day, just passed, as a reason...

4 Dream Destinations if you are a Vegetarian Traveler

  Sometimes when I would tell my friends about my plan of next trip as a vegetarian, then everyone would sincerely ask me a general question, “What and Where are you going to eat?” And my answer used to be simple, “There are many dishes...

Lawrence Pezzullo, Who Brokered End Nicaragua’s Somoza Regime, Dies at 91

Lawrence Pezzullo, an American diplomat who brokered the 1979 resignation of Nicaraguan strongman Anastasio Somoza Debayle, whose family had ruled the country for more than four decades, died July 26 at his home in Baltimore. He was 91. The cause was heart ailments, said a...

Brazil to Acquire Vietnamese Robusta Coffee

(Q24N)  Prensa Latina - Brazil will import robust coffee from Vietnam as part of purchases to meet the demand of the domestic industry of that bean, used in the production of the instant type, was released here today. According to press reports quoting the director...


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