David Strecke, aka as Cuba Dave from Cubadave.com
Photo of David Strecker, aka as Cuba Dave from Cubadave.com

QCOSTARICA – The American arrested for promoting sex tourism in Costa Rica is reaching out to his followers from prison, the San Sebastian detention centre (jail) in San Jose.

On the website, Cubadave.com, a post on behalf of David Strecker explains that the alleged sex promoter is being held “indefinitely and without trial” and despite Dave’s advanced age (65 years old), has been confined to an overcrowed prison cell and forced to sleep on a concrete floor.

“Prosecutors have yet to bring formal charges,” says the website, explaining that prosecutors may do so in two months, when he is scheduled to appear again before a judge.

“Given the outcome of his last hearing, it’s clear that the legal battle will be a lengthy and costly one. A new attorney is trying to have Dave released pending trial,” is the plea for financial support.

The website says that the money raised so far doesn’t even cover his initial expenses, saying 100 percent of the money collected will go to his defense and hopefully his release.

Was David Strecker aka Cuba Dave promoting sex tourism in Costa Rica? One “mongers forum” says, “Maybe…he’s mostly promoting himself and his travels. But much of what is being focused on here leads to confusion because the activity he’s accused of promoting is perfectly legal to engage in within Costa Rica, says Jonesie at the Monger Network.

The video of the arrest of David Strectker posted on the OIJ YouTube channel.

“Buying sex is quite common in Costa Rica among locals and tourists alike. Selling sex isn’t given a second glance. In fact, well over 90% of consumers of the sex trade in Costa Rica are Costa Ricans. Yet talking about selling sex and where to buy it is illegal, at least for foreigners,” says the Monger Network.

The Cuba Dave Story from Cubadave.com:

On Friday, September 4th as he was checking-in for his flight to return home to Key West, agents of the Judicial Police in Costa Rica arrested David Strecker. Dave, who is a United States citizen and 65 year old construction worker is charged with breaking a vague and untested Costa Rican law, for posting information on the Internet about his experiences in Costa Rica.

Because he is a United States citizen, a foreigner in Costa Rica a judge has denied bail. When Dave was first arrested he spent the weekend in a jail cell with 12 other men and a backed up toilet. The same jail cell is only designed for holding 4 people.

Without bail or a trial, Dave has since been transferred to prison. According to the United States Department of State that same prison holds over 1,159, prisoners in unsanitary conditions. The prison facility was designed to hold just 664 men.

Dave needs your help. Good criminal defense attorneys in Costa Rica are hard to find, and substantially more expensive than in the United States. As a foreigner he may not be treated fairly.

At this time, it is unclear how long Dave Strecker will remain in prison without trial. Since this is the first time that the law has ever been tested, he could be looking at a long and high profile, political case.

Because he is a United States citizen, a judge has insisted on holding him in prison, even through if convicted the penalty is 4 years imprisonment. He could easily spend 4 years waiting for a trial that may never come.


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  • Former president Laura Chinchilla made it illegal to promote Costa Rica for what it is, a sex tourism destination. Cuba Dave, ugly american that he is has simply defied President Chinchilla’s decree and he will be made to be an example. He could easily spend 9 months in preventive detention before ever being charged. What does this mean? It’s time to bail out of Costa Rica. What’s next? Will President Solis declare it illegal to make comments against the government in general? No one knows. For sure, Costa Rica has priced itself out of the butterfly collector tourist market. The Colon is overvalued. Costa Rica is trying to float bonds in China to cover the national debt. We are in a crisis, and unfortunately one gringo monger is going to pay the price. Here Civil Law prevails, and Common Law sensibilities will not help him. This is a brutal blow to freedom of speech in Costa Rica.

  • In Awe of Stupidity

    His computer consultant, well known creep in SJ monger circles, a moderator of the CRT board, Dan, ratted him out, just like he got Jonesie deported. Neither gents are light bulbs or else they would be gainfully employed. Dave wants to take videos of girls and patrons inside whorehouses. Gets barred from the major gringo hangs, and barred from the Dominican Republic. Jonesie runs around SJ with expired visas. And Dave hires Dan to run his website knowing he screwed jonesie. Duh.