The baguette carrier

How many times has this happened to you? You are tempted by that great smell of fresh baked bread in you local supermarket or bakery, and the next day the bread is, let’s say less than fresh.

The Café St. Honoré, a French patisserie in Rohrmoser has for you an alternative when buying a baguette. At a cost of ¢1.500 colones, the bakery sells an airtight cardboard tube to keep your bread fresh, with a guaranteed freshness for up to four days.

“We are first to offer it in the country. We originally ordered 80 tubes and less than a month are have less than 20 left,” Katherine Vilallobos, co-owner of the bakery, told AmeliaRueda.com.

Katherine explained the idea arose from a customer of the bakery, Leonardo Silbert, who has a company called Pack Emporium, with businesses in Costa Rica, Nicaragua and Mexico.

Silbert says a Nicaraguan baker suggested an experiment with the tubes and met expectations, presenting his product to his bakers in Costa Rica, Katherine and her husband Regis Bouesnard, who immediately saw the potential in the idea and without hesitation placed their order.

Katherine and her husband, owners of the French patiserrie in Rohrmoser
Katherine and her husband Regis, owners of the French patiserrie in Rohrmoser

To get your tube, a baguette and other great pastries, you can visit Café St. Honoré located 200 metres east of Plaza Mayor, on the Rohrmoser boulevard. The patiserrie is open from 7am to 7pm Tuesday to Sunday.

Source: Ameliarueda.com

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