QCOSTARICA – A group called Movimiento Cannábico Costarricense (Cannabis Costa Rican Movement) is organizing a march for  May 9 in San Jose to demonstrate in favor of the legal use of marijuana (marihuana in Spanish).

“Smoking weed does not make us sick or criminals, the policies that criminalize and label us is what really hurts us,” says a statement from the organization.

The march will begin at Central Park (Parque Central) at 3 pm and will end at the Plaza de la Democracia with a cultural event.

Cannabis Costa Rican Movement spokesman, José Trejos, said the idea is to call for the awareness of the negative effects of the stigma and the discrimination against those who smoke it.

Trejos believes that there should be no ban on any drugs, because that creates more uncertainty.

Costa Rica is added for the third consecutive year to more than 300 cities worldwide to report the failure of drug prohibition, Trejos said.

The cannabis movement believes the self-cultivation of marijuana is the best way to combat drug trafficking and that smokers to have no contact with drug traffickers.

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