The bus companis Ticabus and Transnica announced Saturday their suspension of travel between Manag and San Jose due to clashes between citizens and police forces of the government of Daniel Ortega, ongoing since Wednesday.

Mario Arce, chief of operations at Transnica, confirmed the decision, citing the company cannot guarantee passenger safety. “It’s a purely security condition to protect the integrity of users, we’re not going to expose ourselves, it’s unnecessary,” Arce explained.


In addition, Arce said that the measure will be in effect until the violence ceases and security is guaranteed on Nicaragua’s main roads.

The company is offering people who already bought tickets a refund or change the date of the trip.

For its part, Ticabus is offering the same, refund or change date to its users. However, the company said that through social networks will inform users when service will resume, that could be as early as today, Sunday.


The Nicaragua situation is also affecting travel between San Jose and El Salvador on Ticabus.

No word from Central Line and Nicabus.

This is the first time bus service has been suspended due to violence in Nicaragua.

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