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10 email signature generators for AppleMail

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Paying the bills


Since now email is a primary channel for business communication, email clients are not only about sending and managing emails. Now they are more about providing additional marketing and sales opportunities and integrating other software and apps.

With your potential customer receiving numerous emails every day, you need to be creative and make every part of your email work for you. Thus, reliable and multifunctional email signature software has become a vital necessity with the rise of email marketing CRM.

Luckily, there is no need for any technical knowledge to create an effective email signature. AppleMail is the third most popular mobile email client used today. However, if you are one of its dedicated users and still don`t use emails signatures in their full scope, you might be losing a lot. Let’s dwell on the email signature benefits and learn how to choose the best-fitting email signature software for Apple Mail.

Benefits of using a professional email signature

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On the surface, an email signature is a block of text at the bottom of emails that includes crucial pieces of professional contact information. However, the functionality of the email signature concept is far more diverse.

You might be asking yourself about the importance of a customized email signature instead of ‘All the best’ or ‘Kind regards. Here are top reasons proving, a professional email signature is worth investing in:

  1. Email signature helps in branding and portraits your brand identity.
  2. An effective email signature can help to achieve business goals.
  3. A perfect email signature template will aid you with more followers on social media.
  4. An email signature gives quick access to your contact details
  5. A solid email signature shows your professional approach.
  6. An email signature conveys reliability and competence.
  7. It generates a favorable contact route and drives your website traffic.
  8. Email signature helps to get better clarity of product details and increases the response rate.
  9. An email signature is a cost-effective tool with broad functionality and potential.
  10. A professional email signature promotes your products or services without much fuss.

There are just a few of the most apparent benefits a professional email signature can bring to your business. Furthermore, it brings business communication and interaction with the customers to a qualitatively new level.

How to find the best email signature generator

The decision was made. Your company needs a professional centralized email signature. Searching for an email signature generator, you will find out that some of the companies on the market focus on individuals. In contrast, others provide the services of central email signature management for the whole team in one place.

Furthermore, the matters of price and functionality will also contribute to the toughness of the decision. However, there is an easy way to make sure you choose the best-fitting solution for your business. A good email signature generator should have at least the following features:

  • safe data storage
  • easy to use interface
  • compatibility with major email clients
  • wide range of features like grouping, duplicating, editing, and sharing
  • compatibility with other apps and software
  • wide choice of email signature templates
  • social media buttons integration
  • promotional banner option
  • excellent testimonials
  • transparent pricing
  • a vibrant support team.

Use this checklist to figure out what option is the best for your needs. Then, take your time to test all the functionality carefully before committing.

List of 10 best email signature generators for AppleMail

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Luckily, there is a wide choice of emails signature builders on the market. However, some aren’t made well and create more hassle than it’s worth. Here is a list of the top 10 best email signature generators to narrow down your choice and facilitate your decision.


Newoldstamp is a top email signature and marketing platform, best fitting mid-size teams. The tool provides an easy and fast emails signature setup for the whole team and seamless integration with major email clients and devices.

Key features

  • managing all email signatures in one place
  • creating interactive email signatures
  • running and tracking email signature banner campaigns


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MySignature is an online signature generator that provides a wide range of professionally designed templates for its users. All the templates are mobile-friendly and compatible with the most popular email clients.

Key features

  • ability to draw signature and use the handwritten piece for electronic documents
  • multiple devices compatibility
  • built-in analytics for performance monitoring.


Apart from offering a full marketing, sales, customer service, and CRM software platform, HubSpot also offers a functional and easy-to-use email signature generator. All the colors, fonts, patterns, and other designs are customizable to suit the company’s needs.

Key features

  • free of charge
  • intuitive navigation and easy-to-use interface
  • compatible Gmail, Outlook, Apple Mail, Yahoo Mail, and more.


WiseStamp lets its users create professional email signatures and manage them for the entire organization. The tool also offers numerous features like social media stickers and icons.

Key features

  • over 50 professional templates
  • 1 click-set-up function
  • usage of Instagram photos to personalize emails.


Gimmio proves to be a number 1 email signature generator for marketing agencies and web designers. This tool allows creating and duplicating of several email signatures and ensures uniformity and alignment with the brand.

Key features

  • numerous styling options
  • custom layouts
  • user-friendly dashboard and vibrant technical support.


MailSignatures Is another easy-to-use, comprehensive generator tool that allows you to create signatures from scratch or choose from various templates. The tool perfectly fits both individuals with free email accounts and organizations.

Key features

  • organization-wide management of email signatures
  • full support for mobile devices
  • safe cloud technology.


Mailbutler is an all-in-one productivity tool that helps schedule your emails, snooze unimportant messages, track the open rates, insert templates and snippets, and create professional email signatures. Ideal for both personal and business emails.

Key features

  • ability to share signatures
  • professionally designed email templates
  • insights into the click-through rate of your email signature.


Exclaimer provides its users full, dynamic, and professional email signatures when sent from any device. The tool enables companies to efficiently manage their employees’ signatures and deliver consistent branding, promotions, and disclaimers.

Key features

  • easy-to-use cloud portal for email signatures management
  • easy to set up and deploy
  • design of multiple signatures with dynamic content.


AdSignaer is an online email signature generator that makes every email a unique opportunity for sales. This tool helps its users to manage all signatures and email signature marketing campaigns from one place.

Key features

  • tracking, analyzing, and optimizing performance
  • custom and predesigned signature templates
  • creating and managing email marketing campaigns.

Email Signature Rescue

Email Signature Rescue intuitive editor helps easily build and configure your HTML email signatures from a single dashboard. The tool also provides features like a CDN for serving images fast worldwide, automatic cards, google analytics, and many others.

Key features

  • an ever-expanding collection of over 60 email signature templates
  • a library of 200,000+ icons in more than 40 styles
  • compatible with 60+ email clients and apps.


Email is at the center of most businesses, regardless of the type of office you use.  However, some other tools appeared that allow making the functionality and efficiency of an email client. For example, email signature generators come in handy to help you make your email signature efficient even if you don’t have the technical know-how.

With most web users checking their email inbox first thing in the morning and the rest doing it right before going to sleep, an email signature is something that can make a difference.

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Paying the bills
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