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5 Android Apps You Shouldn’t Miss This Week

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Dollar Exchange

¢539.74 BUY

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2 June 2023 - At The Banks - Source: BCCR

Paying the bills


Mobile technology has evolved over the years. Many people use smartphones to communicate or play games. App developers build hundreds of Android apps each week. Some apps are ideal for gambling and predicting match outcomes.

Betway has a complex app that allows you to wager on different sports events. Here are five top Android apps you need to check out this week.

  1. Ceri Launcher

Ceri Launcher is a lightweight launcher. It has easy controls and a great User Interface (UI). You can use it for free for the first month after which you will pay a monthly subscription. It allows you to customize its home screen into different patterns including the honeycomb style. Besides, it is easy to navigate. You can shift from the app search to the settings section. Notably, it is in early beta. You might find some additional features, bugs, and launchers. Most of its features are free.

  1. The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot

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Ubisoft launched The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot app a few days ago. It is a thrilling adventure game. The gaming app has easy to use touch controls, mechanics and many villains to hack and slash. You need to build your character, customize it and fight other gamers in battle and PvP in 100 environments. The Mighty Quest has an RPG progression which allows you to use different abilities and skills. It has amazing gameplay quests and elements.

  1. Gears POP

Funko POP and Gears of War built Gears POP. It is a great mobile game with online multiplayer games. They have gacha elements. Gears POP involves collecting figures from Gears of War, upgrading, equipping and sending them to fight against other gamers. It provides different abilities to help you win many battles. It has amazing gameplay. However, it displays all minor transactions on time. It is free to play. Gears POP has the same graphics with a typical graphics that can be found on Betway, for casino games.

  1. Cessabit

Many people like playing puzzle games. Cessabit has an easy game style thus making it ideal to relieve stress. However, people who like action games might find it boring. It has fun puzzles, several hints, and simple graphics. Tap on the home screen to locate certain hints and clues to solve challenging puzzles. You can pay a small subscription to play 24 levels. It lacks in-app ads and purchases. You can play Cessabit offline from anywhere. Higher levels are difficult to win but the app has a wonderful user experience.

  1. Kind II: FPS TD

Kind II: FPS TD is an amazing gaming app. It combines first-person shooting with tower protection. The game involves arranging defenses and shooting unhealthy characters which look like tower protection. Kind II has many recreation activities that occur in the first-person narrative. It features many boss battles, cloud saving, easy controls, and ranges. It doesn’t have in-app advertisements and purchases.

App developers launch new Android apps each week. They are available on Google Play. Some applications are suitable for PCs which use Android OS. Many people use smartphones to place bets in Betway. You can use an Android phone to communication with loved ones, watch videos or play games. Each app is designed for a particular use.

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Paying the bills
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