5 Costa Rican Startups to Watch Out For

Entrepreneurism is alive and well in Costa Rica


Costa Rica is home to many of the world’s most exciting and innovative startups. Every year, new entrepreneurs enter the market, hoping to make it as the number one company in their field.

Many of the people who are the driving forces behind these companies have a qualification like a masters degree in accounting from a recognized university such as Maryville University, while others simply have a strong will to succeed and don’t have an online masters of accounting or other high-profile qualification. Below are five Costa Rican startups that you should watch out for.

1.      Yo Viajo

In 2015, Yo Viajo was established by a group comprised of Betzi Medina, Dagoberto Medina Díaz, Fabricio Rodriguez, Audrey Vasquez and Lidier Venegas. Yo Viajo is already an award-winning company and it helps bus travelers with their schedule and other information related to their travels. This company’s app includes a wide range of useful features that allows you to view maps easier, interact with fellow travelers, and it suggests alternative routes when you’re on the move.


2.      Materiales Ambientales Ecológicos (M.A.E.)

As an increasing number of people are looking towards more environmentally-friendly, affordable building products and materials, M.A.E has been set up to provide these types of building materials. This company helps the environment by providing a range of building products made from bamboo. Growing, harvesting, and manufacturing products with bamboo is cheaper and causes less damage to our surroundings, so it’s a win-win situation when you buy from this innovative startup.

3.      GreenCloud

Another startup that is also concerned about the welfare of our planet is GreenCloud. This online system allows its users to analyze and manage their energy usage in a number of different ways. GreenCloud is an interactive system and it makes it much easier for people to continually keep an eye on their carbon footprint, which is good for the user and is good for the planet.

4.      Pura Vida Rentals

Do you want an alternative, more affordable way to travel around the Quepos/Manuel Antonio area of Costa Rica? If so, Pura Vida Rentals can help you because they rent out electric golf carts to people who want to travel around these areas but don’t want to spend too much money renting a car. Each of these eco-friendly golf carts can be hired out for $55 per day and it’s a great way to see the local area.

5.      Fresh Organico

More people than ever are worried about the food they eat and Fresh Organico was set up to meet the needs of these health-conscious individuals. Organico is an online store that sells and delivers a wide range of vegetables and organic fruits to its Costa Rican customers. Over time, this company hopes to provide the freshest and healthiest food to people all over Costa Rica.

Entrepreneurism is alive and well in Costa Rica, with many innovative and forward-thinking startups emerging every year. The five companies mentioned above are good examples of this.