A Varied Art Exhibition on Cuban Culture Day in Costa Rica


A varied sample of Cuban art touched the nearly two hundred people attending the celebration of Cuban Culture Day in Costa Rica, held at Instituto de Mexico in San Jose, on Saturday.

EmbaCuba Costa Rica

“Pax de deux de Cascanueces” performed by Costa Rican dancers María Daniela Solano and Eduardo Porras, trained by Cuban teachers, and the “Pax de deux from El Lago de los Cisnes”, danced by Grabriela Druyet and Anyelo González, students of the National School of Ballet Fernando Alonso de Cuba, elicited a ‘bravo’ and a loud applause from the audience.

Photo EmbaCuba Costa Rica

The same response was to the presentation of the prestigious Cuban choir “Entrevoces”, directed by  Digna Guerra, who is in Costa Rica specially invited to participate in the Festival Coral Internacional “Alajuela Canta” 2017, which begins tomorrow (Oct. 22) and concludes the 28th.



The choral director stressed that it is a high honor for her group to participate in the celebration of the Cuban Culture Day in Costa Rica, in memory of the first time the Cuban national anthem was sung on 20 October 1868, in the city of Bayamo, Cuba.

To complete the Cuban night, Ayito and his group put to dance to the present, with diverse samples of the musical songbook of the Greater Antilles.

Cuba’s Ambassador to Costa Rica, Danilo Sánchez, was grateful for the presence of several Costa Rica ministers: Karen Mayorga (minister of Health); Mauricio Herrera (Communications); and  Edgar Gutiérrez (Environment and Energy), as well as of a wide representation of the diplomatic corps credited in the country.

Legislators and friends of Cuba from different political groups, members of the associations and movements of solidarity with the Cuba, as well as of a good representation of the Cubans residing in Costa Rica, were also present.

The Cuban ambassador highlighted the solidarity and support of the Costa Rican government, fundamentally in the United Nations General Assembly, voting in favor of the Cuban resolution that calls for an end to the United States economic, commercial and financial blockade against Havana (Cuba) that has been in place for more than five decades.