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A Wireless USB Headset For VoIP Phones Is A Must.

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The Wireless USB headset is a cordless version of the Wireless USB Headset. Furthermore, only the base station is connected to a computer through USB. For a wireless computer USB headset, a microphone, and headphones connect to a computer or a smartphone wirelessly (without any physical cord). Online gaming, telephone, and video telephony via a computer are some of the most common applications for a wireless computer USB headset.

When you use a wireless computer USB headset, your hands are free and can be used for other things while you’re on a call. Below are reasons why having these headsets is a must.

Why is Wireless Computer USB A Must?

Below, we mentioned the reasons why you need to use wireless computer USB headsets.

    Used by professionals

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There’s a reason that nearly all professional headphones are wireless. There are several reasons for this, but the most important is that wireless is just more dependable and are designed to be specialized. Headsets are a work investment for professionals like musicians and audio engineers who mix and master tracks, not just a tool for leisure listening.

    Light In Weight

Wireless headsets are lighter than wired headsets as a result of not having any extra cord components in their bodies. If you use them frequently, you know how essential comfort and weight are when it comes to the headset. After a listening session, the heavier your headphones are, the more discomfort you will experience. Because they cause pain to your neck and make your ears sweat, you’ll want to take them off more frequently. So, having a wireless USB headset is a must.

    Produce Better Sounds

Wireless headsets are undebatable when it comes to sound quality. They often produce better sound quality because they are often built with the best high-intensity resistant materials. So, if you’re looking for the best sound quality possible, it is advisable to go for wireless headsets.

5 USB Headsets For VoIP Computers For Wireless Computers USB Headsets

1.    Plantronics Voyager Focus UC

This wireless headset is the top of the line in terms of headsets. This headset is one of the best out there, with up to 12–15 hours of speaking and listening time, with a top-of-the-line noise-cancelling microphone, and a wonderfully comfy headband and earphones. It connects wirelessly to your PC or laptop and can also link to your cell phone or tablet via Bluetooth.

2.    Jabra Evolve2 65 UC

This is the latest Jabra Evolve2 65 Bluetooth USB headset, which shares many of the same features as the Evolve 40. The Bluetooth USB Dongle (seen below) allows the headset to connect to your PC across a distance of up to 100 feet. It also includes Bluetooth functionality, allowing you to connect to a cell phone or tablet through Bluetooth.

3.    Plantronics Voyager 8200 UC

It was released in 2017 and, at that time, was the newest of its kind. It was the first product from the Plantronics line with a microphone attached to it. This wireless headset contains 4 microphones to enable better sound output.

4.    Plantronics Voyager 4200 UC

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The Plantronics Voyager 4200 UC is the most up-to-date wireless USB computer headset, including the most cutting-edge headset technology. It includes a class 1 BT600 USB-A dongle with a range of 100 feet (vs 30 feet for regular class 3 Bluetooth). Both PC and Apple Mac computers are supported.

5.    EPOS Sennheiser Adapt 660 UC

The EPOS Sennheiser Adapt 660 UC comes with a noise-canceling feature. With certification from Microsoft Teams, it has an additional 2 noise-canceling microphones built in along with ear cups. If you’re the traveling type, you need not worry as this device is made with a 15-day battery duration once it’s charged fully.


There are a lot of wireless headsets for VoIP computers, of which five have been mentioned above. Do you intend to get any of them soon? Make sure to compare specifications and prices before you decide which one you would like to get.

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