(QCOSTARICA) Picking mangoes and riding a bicycle in Guanacaste, while reuniting with his birth parents, part of Andres’ visit to Costa Rica, reuniting with his birth parents after living in Canada for the last 26 years with his adoptive parents.

Born in Costa Rica, Andrés was adopted by a Montreal family at the age of 1.

Last week, 26 years later, Andres met his birth mother, Josefa Badilla, and his brothers and sisters in Costa Rica.  For the Los Guido de Desamparados family, although Andres was in Canada for the last 26 years, they say that for them it’s like he never left.

Andres was met with hugs by his birth mother on arrival in Costa Rica
Andres was met with hugs by his birth mother on arrival in Costa Rica

Josefa said that as baby Andres, her seventh child, ssuffered from various illnesses, and due to the extreme poverty could not care for him, forced to give him up for adoption to the Patronato Nacional de la Infancia (PANI) – Costa Rica’s child welfare agency.

This week he is with his birth father, Abelino Zamora, in the rural Guanacaste town of San Pablo de Nandayure.

Andres with his birth father
Andres with his birth father

Not speaking a work of Spanish, Andrés, travelling with his adoptive mother (who does speak Spanish) has been able to communicate with his family by way of hand gestures.

For the third week of his visit, Andres says he wants to visit the many of the great parts of his birth country, above all discover his roots.

The journey for Andres started four months ago, when he and his adoptive family got into touch with his Tica family.

Brushing away the tears of joy, doña Josefa said she never imagined that message on Facebook would bring her back her son.

Source: Telenoticias