PLN presidential candidate, Johnny Araya (left) after meeting with Enrique Castillo, (right), Costa Rica’s Foreign Minister over the Nicaragua situation.

PLN presidential candidate, Johnny Araya, said today that he is willing to meet with Nicaraguan president, Daniel Ortega, to find a solution to the border disputes between the two countries.

Araya met this morning with Costa Rica’s Foreign Minister, Enrique Castillo, at the behest of the minister.

The Partido Liberación Nacional (PLN) candidate said he cannot refuse outright to dialogue if Nicaragua shows “sincere” signs of openness.

The government of Laura Chinchilla (PLN) on Tuesday filed an action with the International Court of Justice in The Hague against Nicaragua, requesting a decision on the bilateral maritime limits, in the Caribbean and Pacific, given that it has been impossible to define boundaries mutually through negotiation.

Costa Rica’s claim is that Nicaragua is offering up alleged Costa Rican territory for oil exploration.

Araya stressed that, in a new government (if he is elected), he will continue the International Court action and praised border security measures developed by the Chinchilla administration.

This is the third issue that the two countries have brought before the International Court.

In 2010, Costa Rica filed a suit against Nicaragua for the alleged invasion of the Isla Calero. A year later, Nicaragua filed suit against Costa Rica for alleged environmental damage caused with the building of the trail road, known in Costa Rica as “La Trocha”.