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Best Things To Do in Costa Rica

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Stunning beaches, lush rainforests, mountains with waterfalls, and charming old towns are all about Costa Rica. Lost between North and South America, this country has taken the best of both continents. As a result, this makes it an attractive destination for travelers from all over the world.

Are you among them? Then it would be a great idea to go to Costa Rica. Yes, this tropical destination will give you an unforgettable vacation. The main thing is to know where to go and what to do.

So, if you’re planning to add Costa Rica to your travel list, consider some of the amazing activities available on the island.

Wander the ancient streets of San Jose

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San Jose is the capital and largest city of Costa Rica. Located in the Central Valley, it combines both the signs of antiquity and modern features, without losing the unique Costa Rican traditions.

Due to its location in the center of the country, San Jose is an ideal starting point for further detailed exploration of other parts of the country. However, those who are already familiar with San Jose can find many great places around the capital, which is just a few minutes drive from the city.

Feel the majesty of the Arenal Volcano

The famous natural attractions of Costa Rica include, first of all, the Arenal Volcano. Therefore, you can rent a car and go there whenever you want. The large selection of car rentals Costa Rica makes it possible to find the perfect deal for your specific needs.

Although the volcano entered a dormant phase in 2010 and its eruptions have ceased, it’s still an imposing sight. Arenal Volcano is an ideal place for those who love traveling among unspoiled nature. The cone of a volcano with an almost symmetrical shape is surrounded on all sides by a tropical forest that is part of the Arenal National Park.

Visitors to the National Park will be happy to experience many exciting activities, including mountain river rafting, ziplining over a waterfall, and hiking. The surroundings of the volcano are no less impressive. You can explore hot springs, forests and lakes, waterfalls, and caves, as well as beautiful little old towns like La Fortuna.

Uncover the secrets of Monteverde

Monteverde is a small, foggy city in the province of Puntarenas. Tourists flock there to visit the numerous nature reserves and enjoy the rich local nature.

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The main feature of these places is rain and foggy tropical forests. For this reason, Monteverde is rightfully considered one of the Seven Wonders of Costa Rica, along with Isla del Coco, Tortuguero, Arenal Volcano, Cerro Chirripo, Rio Celeste, and Poas Volcano.

The cool and humid foggy forest and dense thickets of tropical trees – that’s what made Monteverde an attraction for ecotourists who travel to these places from all over the world. This area is also famous for its succession of volcanoes – both active and dormant, beautiful nature reserves, and varied weather.

Soak up the sun at Manuel Antonio Beach

Manuel Antonio is a real natural paradise on the Pacific coast of the country. It offers an enchanting combination of rainforest, coral reefs, and sandy ocean beaches. By all accounts, Manuel Antonio is one of the most beautiful spots in the country. And, although the nearby Manuel Antonio National Park is the smallest of all Costa Rica’s green areas, it remains one of the richest in terms of biodiversity. Plus, the natural beauty of this place makes it one of the main attractions in Costa Rica.

Relax in Puerto Viejo

With its calm atmosphere, Puerto Viejo is an exotic highlight of Costa Rica. This beautiful beach town offers a unique blend of Latin American, Afro-Caribbean, and local Bri-Bri cultures. You will be happy to wander through its streets and feel complete relaxation.

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Do you like nature? Puerto Viejo has interesting options as well. Located 11 miles away, Cahuita National Park and the Gandoca Manzanillo Biosphere Reserve will introduce you to the stunning wildlife of the area.

Like the rest of the country’s Caribbean coast, Puerto Viejo has no shortage of rain. Therefore, the best time to visit this part of Costa Rica is from February to April, and from August to October.

Surf on Tamarindo Beach

Once a sleepy provincial town, Tamarindo is now Guanacaste’s largest coastal surf point. It attracts surfers from all over the world for many reasons. Tamarindo has the perfect combination of what oceanfront surfers are looking for – big waves, soft sand, gentle sun, and vibrant nightlife.

However, this amazing city, which has become a real pilgrimage site for surfers, is no less popular with eco-tourists. From the north and south of Tamarindo, you will find national parks with mighty mountains and rich nature.

Can’t wait to go to Costa Rica? We are sure that such a trip will bring you a lot of pleasure and positive emotions. The local nature impresses with its beauty and pristine nature, while the island beaches offer activities for every taste. Plus, nightly parties and daytime tours of ancient cities will add new experiences to you. Thus, start planning your trip to Costa Rica and benefit from our informative guide to save time searching for sights!

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