Brenda Kellerman, The Tica On Her Way To Stardom On Mexico Television

I am a relaxed person who takes everything in stride...

Brenda Kellerman, a Tica making a name for herself on Mexico television

COSTA RICA EXTRA – The warmth, effort and talent of Costa Ricans continues to echo abroad. Brenda Kellerman is one those, leaving Costa Rica for Mexico a decade ago, now at age 29, has managed to secure a promising career on Mexican television.

Come June, Brenda will be one of the hosts on Telehit television variety magazine that will air from Monday to Friday.

The show is yet to have a name, Brenda told La Nacion in a recent interview. She will be one four people on the show.

Brenda Kellerman has been a regular guest on Telehit. Soon she will be a host.

“For now it’s still under wraps. It is a magazine that will include entertainment news, invited experts on various topics such as health and fashion and will have challenges between us (presenters) and invited guests. The show will be for 40 minutes, as it develops, the program time will increase,” she said.

Although Brenda studied medicine, after the death of her grandparents, she left that aspiration behind, traveling to Mexico without being clear of what she wanted to do. At first she worked as a model, and on the advice of her sister, actress Katherine Kellerman, Brenda began studying acting at Mexico’s Televisa Centro de Estudios Actorales (CEA).

Within months she landed her first role, 23 episodes in the telenovela (Spanish soap opera) Corona de Lágrimas, a production that include two other Costa Ricans making their name in Mexico, Maribel Guardia and Mariluz Bermúdez.

“I am a relaxed person who takes everything in stride. This process (Telehit) was long, I was given the opportunity and signed for a year with them. I do the work because I like it, not for fame. Here (in Mexico) it is very easy to do but I have not concentrated on that and for the same reason is that for a long time I did not make public my relationship with Ferdinando (Valencia),” she admits.

Brenda says she long concealed her engagement with the famous Mexican actor in order to have “a more lasting relationship.” To this day, nobody knows with certainty how long they have been together.

“Ferdinando and I have many years of being together, people say he hid me, but the truth is he never did. Together we decided to keep the relationship private because sometimes relationships are more durable. We announce it now because we have a lot of confidence and we know that nobody is going to separate us,” she revealed.

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Brenda added that Ferdinando is a very important support in her professional and personal life; However, she did not want to use that to boost her career.

“He is like my manager without having to be one, he helps me in everything from preparing to do a casting, even choosing clothes to wear, he likes people to grow. Many say I am riding on his fame and the truth I have not done it with anyone and less with my boyfriend. It is true that he helps me, if we run into some producer he introduces me, but it is not something we plan out. Ge supports me in everything, but I’ve never liked to get caught up in anyone’s fame. Our relationship has been very healthy,” Kellerman said.

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