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Can You Really Buy CBD Oil on Amazon?

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Deregulation in countries all over the world expanded CBD access. Thousands of companies sell CBD online and deliver the hottest health and wellness products to your mailbox. CBD oil drops being ordered online are increasing, especially in the pandemic.

Consumers may be tempted to use their favorite e-commerce tech giant as a source for CBD. However, buying CBD oil on Amazon is not a good idea unless you are looking to purchase overpriced hemp seed oil.

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We will break down why you should never buy CBD on Amazon and how to spot a legitimate CBD retailer online. Buying CBD oils may seem appealing; there are seemingly great deals and 2-day shipping for prime members. Still, if you familiarize yourself with Amazon’s terms and conditions, you will realize this is a bad idea.

CBD on Amazon

Amazon is an open-source marketplace, meaning anyone who adheres to their terms and conditions can put their product up for sale on the platform. Currently, Amazon prohibits the sale of CBD products, but that does not stop sellers from optimizing their pages for CBD oil queries and using deceptive packaging.

According to Amazon’s terms and conditions, CBD products in any form are prohibited from the marketplace, but retailers get away with posing hemp oil or hemp seed oil as CBD oil. The easiest way to avoid falling from this trick is to prevent the Amazon platform if you are looking for legitimate CBD products. In addition, we recommend not buying from anyone if the price seems too good to be true.

Don’t Fall for CBD with Big Discounts

Many people are sucked into an unethical sale of CBD because they find a great deal. CBD oil is expensive, especially if you are taking it regularly. Many people who want to buy CBD online can be attracted to low prices after seeing the cost per milligram from the brands with the most notoriety.

Hemp oil retailers on Amazon will market their products containing thousands of milligrams but not specify what they are measuring.

We recently saw pills on Amazon containing 1000mg of hemp oil (hemp seed oil) for $20. This amount of CBD oil is usually at least $50 from reputable CBD retailers.

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The products on Amazon are not labeled as having any CBD but mimic how actual CBD products are marketed. Hemp oil or hemp seed oil is does not contain any cannabinoids and is much less expensive than CBD oil.

Amazon CBD Products

The hemp oil that is being sold to manipulate uneducated customers is likely a legitimate product, containing everything it claims. However, hemp oil is extremely inexpensive. Gallons hemp seed oil equals the value of just one tincture of CBD oil. The products remain on the platform because they are not doing anything against Amazon’s policy. It is not against the rules to sell hemp oil or market it in the way CBD oil customers are used to seeing.

Make a Legitimate CBD Oil Purchase

Finding a reputable online CBD store only takes a few minutes of research. Ensure the product is labeled as containing CBD, and they specify the type of CBD in the product. The three main types are full-spectrum, broad-spectrum, and isolate. Check the company’s website for lab tests. They should make these readily available.

CBD Products Amazon Vs. Trustworthy Retailer

The difference between a retailer on Amazon selling CBD a legitimate company is CBD content. Hemp oil is absent of CBD. While hemp seed oil is incredibly nutritious, it costs far less than CBD oil. We recommend looking online for a legitimate retailer when looking for CBD and using Amazon for other products.

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Paying the bills
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