Car Loses Control, Slams Into House, Driver and Passenger Get Into Scuffle, Shots Fired (Video)

Just like in the movies, but in real life!


Just like the movies, a crash, fight, and gunfire. But this was not on a film set, rather in the streets of Santo Domingo de Heredia early Sunday morning, in the area of the Masxmenos supermarket.

From the video from a street cam shows us when the vehicle loses control, slams into a corner house and taking out the “porton”. We then see the passenger waving a firearm out the window, firing several shots in the air while in a scuffle with the driver. Both men were able to get out of the vehicle and continue their scuffle on the public road before fleeing.

The press office of the Ministerio de Seguridad Pública informed that the two men were captured shortly after. The men were identified by their last names, one Sanchez and the other Gonzalez. The 9mm gun was recovered by the Fuerza Publica (national police), along with illegal drugs.


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