Chancellery website suffered a “cyber attack”


The official website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Ministerio de Relaciones Exteriores) suffered a “cyberattack” that forced the take down of the site for most of Thursday.

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Well into the night and into Friday morning, the website was accessible to the public as the institution worked on changing user codes and determining to what extent the website and data was compromised

Ginete Chaves, interim director of information and communications at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs called the event “a state of emerency”.


“Today (Thursday) the Ministry suffered a cyberattack, therefore, it was necessary to change the user codes of all officials, in addition to disconnecting some equipment while we resolve the situation. Therefore, the systems will not work and the website will not be active. This is a state of emergency, therefore, I very respectfully request your cooperation and understanding,” said Chaves in an official statement.

The website is not back online.