Colombian Narco Reveals Route Used in Costa Rica

One of the issues covered in the reports by the Colombian television program is the penetration of the narco in Costa Rica's police and Judiciary.


Colombia’s Caracol television program Testigo Directo (Direct Witness) put the finger in the wound after interviewing months ago a coordinator of the mafia of that country, that indicated that Costa Rica is one of the paradises of the narco-traffickers.

#elventiladordelosnarcos alias “:Juan” (Twitter)

The journalists wondered what is becoming of the so-called Central America of Switzerland.

Costa Rica’s role in the drug trafficking world

In the following video titled El Ventilador de los Narcos, alias “Juan”, tells of Costa Rica’s role in drug trafficking and how much the drug traffickers invest in an export trip and in what they invest their profits, going through liquor and women. See also part 2 & part 3


Costa Rica is ‘between the sword and the wall’ because of the microtraffic’ said the second report by Testigo Directo published Tuesday.

In an interview, Costa Rica’s Minister of Public Security, Gustavo Mata said he completely agreed with what was stated in the Caracol report.

The report also raises the issue that despite the growth of drug trafficking and the escalation of violence, the country is still holding back on the issue of fighting money laundering.

Another of the issues raised by the Colombian program is the penetration of the narco in Costa Rica’s public service, in particular, the police and the Judiciary. In the report, the director of the Orgainsmo de Investigacion Judicial (OIJ) confirms the increase in violence and how in Costa Rica the presence of drug lords has been increasing.

The following video titled “Narcotráfico: El mal que tiene a Costa Rica entre la espada y la pared – Testigo Directo HD” was posted on YouTube March 3, 2018.

Yet another video by Testigo Directo, posted on YouTube on Feb. 22, 2018, “Proceso de paz: momento clave para exportar droga a Centroamérica”, exposed is the social crisis that drug trafficking has begun to generate Costa Rica, “a Central American nation that, being a broker of Colombian and Mexican traffickers, is now a distributor”.

According to the Instituto Costarricense sobre Drogas (IC) – the Costa Rican Institute on Drugs – there is an oversupply of narcotics in the country.