Costa Rica Model Criticized For Her English At L.A. Fashion Week

Unforgivable her bad use of the language and terrible 'pola' accent commented social media poster


(Q MAGAZINE) Just a month ago, Costa Rica model Karina Ramos participated in the catwalks of the New York Fashion Week. Then the news got better, when her boyfriend, model and engineer, Esteban Castillo was ablt to cast and was selected, with the surprise that the organization also wanted his twin brother, Douglas, to be part of the L.A. Fashion Week.

“There had already been talk about the possibility of going, because the Fashion Week in New York organization is the same as the Los Angeles,” Ramos said on learning of the news. Esteban Castillo added: “We are excited because this was not a stroke of luck; With this, a large window opens. We hope that we do very well. We want to do casting with some agencies and take more advantage of the trip.”


But the presence of Karina Ramos, who is usually quite active in social networks, angered one of her followers, who called her “pola” after posting several videos at Fashion Week in Los Angeles that was held from March 12 to 16.

The user, identified as melissalazar, seemed not to like how the beauty queen (Kraina) spoke English, so she suggested taking classes in Open English, posting on social media, “it is unforgivable that she has a bad use of the language and as a fair a terrible ‘pola’ accent”.

For her part, Karina said (on social networks) that she was “full of laughter, since her accent always pleases her audience when she is in the United States”, adding she realizes she doesn’t speak it (English) well, but it is fine. “I am all over myself with laughter,” wrote Karina.

Kai_Campos chimed in saying, “how lifeless to take the time to do this, amazing that the ‘hater’ is a woman, tell the teacher to give you classes then”.

To the photos of Karina from the Los Angeles posted on Instagram.