Costa Rica Takes 4th Spot in Americans’ Home Buying Destinations Ranking

We all dream of owning a vacation home in some exotic location where the sun shines brighter and the weather is warm all year round.


Based on our latest report, Costa Rica ranks 4th in the top 30 locations U.S. residents look up online when they think about buying a second home.


Costa Rica stands out as the 4th choice for American home buyers, falling 2 spots compared to 2015 when we launched a similar report and Costa Rica was 2nd.


Costa Rica is still recovering from the disaster caused by Tropical Storm Nate last October, but it has much to offer.

Here are the top 5 most looked-up Costa Rican destinations by Americans:

  1. Tamarindo is U.S. residents’ favorite spot, with 1,920 searches per month this past year. A long-time surfer’s haven, this beach is perfect for both beginner and advanced wave masters.
  2. The second most sought-after location in Costa Rica is Jacó, accounting for 1,380 searches. Jacó Beach is known for catering to those who want to live a life of luxury.
  3. The province of Guanacaste comes in third (790 monthly searches), and is already famous to U.S. retirees who seem to be fueling local development.
  4. The fourth place is held by Santa Teresa, or ‘the Next Tulum’ as it is also called, with 610 searches.
  5. Fifth by none other than capital San José (560 searches), which has recently been named a top destination on the rise by TripAdvisor.

The research is based on U.S. users’ Google searches conducted from January 2017 to January 2018, using keywords regarding homes for sale abroad, in countries located in the Americas. These countries were ranked based on monthly search volume.

Costa Rica obtained 39,620 monthly searches from the United States. Here is the link to the full study, with extra details on all the 30 destinations.

For Canadians, Costa Rica stands out as the 3rd location when looking to buy a second home. To see the full Canadian perspective, click here.

For the median price of a U.S. home (~US$240,000), in Costa Rica you can buy:

  • a 3-bedroom condo in Tamarindo,
  • a 2-bedroom oceanfront apartment in Jacó,
  • a 3-bedroom apartment in San José.

Other Central American countries on the list incude:

  • Belize #5
  • Panama #7
  • Honduras #11
  • Nicaragua #14
  • Guatemala #23 was not involved in the creation of the content. This article by Cristina Jisa was originally published on Read the original article.